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Nordic Forest Microbe:
Reconnecting Nature™ - Humus Extract

Indoor forest bathing and a solution restoring your lost connection with nature from living in an urban environment. Biodiversity from Finnish nature. 

What is Reconnecting Nature™ - Humus Extract?

We are the first British skincare brand to incorporate Reconnecting Nature™ into our products, taking microbiome friendly beauty to the next level. 

This microbial extract contains thousands of species compared to one, or at most a few species, which, for example, are already more familiar as probiotic products that have been on the market for a long time. Most microbial extracts are slow-growing microbes that cannot currently be grown in laboratory conditions. In addition to bacteria, unicellular nucleated micro-organisms as well as genuine nuclear microbes are also involved. Together, this diverse spectrum of microbial species can provide the immune system with a complex stimulus on the skin that cannot be achieved with the use of only a few species.

(Uute Scientific Oy, 2020)

What is forest bathing?

Forest bathing is a Japanese concept, a mindfulness practice of relaxation, grounding and connecting with nature. It involves tapping into the senses while being immersed in nature. Traditionally known in Japan as ‘shinrin yoku’, the practice of forest bathing has in recent years become more widespread across the globe. 

A forest bathing experience can be difficult to access if you live in an urban environment, that’s where Reconnecting Nature comes in to offer you the biodiversity and forest microbes you would normally gain from being outdoors.

By using our Või body lotion bar together with an at home mindfulness practice, you can still access the beneficial and therapeutic effects of a forest environment.

You can create an at home environment mimicking the forest surroundings with sounds ie: bird song, leaves in the breeze or gentle music, paired with allowing yourself some time and space to breathe, connect, feel and visualise. 

What is biodiversity and why is it important?

Biodiversity refers to the variety of all life on earth and is categorised into three main areas; genetic, species and ecosystem. The balanced interactions of which are what have made our earth habitable for billions of years, it represents the knowledge learned from evolution and we rely on our earth’s biodiversity to continue to exist. It’s absolutely integral to our survival. 

It is possible to balance the skin microflora by limiting the growth of pathogenic bacteria while maintaining and even stimulating beneficial bacterial strains of the skin

(Krutmann 2009, 2-3)

Biodiversity has been declining steadily throughout the west over the past 70 years. This loss of biodiversity is changing the microbial exposure we face. It means that the immune system of humans and animals does not receive adequate training, which leads to immune-mediated diseases. That is where Reconnecting Nature™ microbial extract steps in offering a helping hand.

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