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Multipurpose skincare

Multipurpose skincare

How to get the most from your Õrn Kuu products.

Both our pressed serum and body lotion bar are seriously good for dry sensitive skin. Whether you’re sun scorched in this weather, have eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or you’re allergy prone, our products will soothe and nourish your skin. Rich, multipurpose and concentrated, each one can last you months at a time. They also do a lot more than you may think.


Here are 5 ways to make your skincare go further:


1. Add to a clay powder face mask 

If you’re new to solid skincare, think of it quite simply as a face or body oil with added butters and waxes for extra nourishment and reparative qualities. Both our products will melt on contact with your skin so try taking a little scoop of Öö pressed serum or Või body lotion bar, melted in the palm of your hand or with your finger in a bowl and add to a clay powder mask along with the water you may normally add. Not only will the oil let you wear the mask a little longer as it won’t dry out as fast but you’ll be left with silky soft skin. Win win.


2. Highlighter and makeup primer

Our Öö pressed serum gives a pretty incredible glow all year round, that’s 100% guaranteed. If you wear makeup, level up your regime with this serum instead of a highlighter, brow bones, cheekbones, cupids bow.. it’s magic! Or.. use it as your primer, especially if you have dry skin or fine lines. You’ll find your makeup will glide on effortlessly and evenly without that unwanted ‘dragging’ effect.. plus it won’t slide around once applied.


3. Facial / body massage and pressure point therapy

Who doesn’t love a massage? I mean, I’m sure there are people out there who don’t but most of us would love a massage at any given time, right! Öö pressed serum and Või body lotion bar are both pretty special in the way they’re designed. Both melty and silky on the skin, giving enough time for a little massage or pressure point therapy. Apply to temples, wrists, or your jawline to relieve tension, increase blood flow, get some lymphatic drainage going on. Neither will leave you greasy, in fact your skin will feel dewy, supple and moisturised for hours afterwards. (Not in the way that after some massages you are left wondering if you’ll look clean again or have to just accept living with your new 360 ‘wet look’ hairline)


4. Add to your moisturiser 

This is perfect if you have a super limited amount of time to get ready in the morning or likewise winding down in the evenings. Combine your products however short your skincare ritual may be, even if it’s literally 2 minutes – this is for you. Pop a little of your usual moisturiser and your Öö pressed serum into your hand together, mix with your finger and apply. This is also a great tip if you love your moisturiser, don’t want a million products, but also need something a little richer for the night time, or the winter months. Just add some Öö!


5. Head to toe all rounder

There’s nothing our Või lotion bar isn’t good for – here are even more uses for this forest powered multitasker. Use it as a calming, rebalancing aftersun after a cool shower, a cuticle oil, massaging into each nail bed and sides of the nail or nourish your hair, combing through post wash with your fingertips. It’s good for your whole family, for everything. When you’re not moisturising with it, use it on scars, bites, stings, cuts, bruises. You name it, put Või on it. It’s an all round super soother, if skincare could give hugs this would be what it would feel like.


Sidenote: My sister’s dog loves this bar so much, he’s eaten THREE, much to my sister’s horror at the continual loss of her precious forest bars. He officially has the most incredible internal microbiome in the dog-world.


Well, there you have it, lot more ways to make your skincare work harder for maximum benefits for you. I’m pretty sure I could write 5 more. Truly natural and plant powered goodness.


Alice x


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